The Worst Part About It All...

I think the worst part about it all is that I actually believed you when you said you never stopped loving me.

But love doesn't look like this.

I've seen more tears roll down my eyes than the show of my pearly white teeth and big smile. I've felt more vains popping out of my neck, than my arms open to embrace you with warm hugs.

I always thought I was the one to blame. I always said that I was sorry because I started to believe that I was the sorry one. The truth is, I was a sorry person for not knowing my own worth. I kept giving you discounts, when you didn't even deserve a membership into the life of Kea.

And all of this for what? That answer will forever be unknown.

I thought you changed, but you just came at the game differently. You see, you can't play a game with someone who didn't even sign up to be a participant on the team. I was so blindsided by caring and loving you, that I didn't even see #refereepetty coming.

This time, you took it too far. You jeopardized my heart and soul. You traded the us and we, for I and me.

You made a choice. You decided not to respond. To ignore me. You chose YOU, and I can't be mad because I should've chosen me.

And the worst part of it all is that this could've all been prevented if you just had communicated to me.


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