Dear Black Brother

Dear Black Brother,

I want you to see your future. Because you are too important. It hurts my soul every time one of my brothers is taken from this earth. Not by will, but by force. Your body may be still, but your soul will forever be free.

I pray for you. I support you. I care for you. Do not live in fear. But please be safe. Be aware. Be knowledgeable about this world that we live in.

I look forward to seeing you go out into the world and do great things; and pray you get home safely every night.

Love, Your Black Sister


Following this letter, I decided to let my voice be heard. I joined a number of empowering people in the streets of NYC yelling, "No Justice, No Peace," as well as, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot."

It was such a beautiful moment to see all people, despite their race, come together to address an injustice that has been occurring for decades. I pray that by uniting as a people and revealing the truths of the injustices amongst black folks, that there is a shift in how we treat people of color. It will not happen overnight, but a step in the right direction and holding people accountable for their actions is a place to start.

I pray everyone in the world is safe, each and every day and that they are able to return home to their loved ones, each and every night.

God Bless!

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