Not Everything Is About You

A good friend of mine always reminds me that not everything is about me. Thank you, Kellwin.

In my journey, a lot of self-truths have been revealed.

#1 I am selfish at times


#2 I require a lot from my friends and its not always reciprocated.

Hence, the saying, "not everything is about you."

So, I have two fierce Libra friends, Bianca and Kellwin! They tell it like it is, pay these f*ckboys dust, and will cut you off in a heartbeat when you've played yourself.

Pretty much, they keep me all the way together and always let me know that I am more than enough.

But in the process of my self-development, I found myself neglecting two people I truly care about and that was a wake-up call for me. I didn't realize that my lack of showing up affected them. Granted, I do show up and support my friends and their initiatives...but they needed me beyond a good turn up and kekeke session. They needed to lean on me, the way I leaned on them. I can literally hear Kellwin saying, "Beloved, everything is not about you."

I got so wrapped up into relying on my friends to help me make decisions in my life, that I forgot they are fighting their own battles on a day-to-day basis. That they need me just as much as I need them. To show up. To come visit them. To go above and beyond. Not as an expectation, but as reciprocation.

I truly cherish and appreciate each angel God has put in my life. I would not have grown so much in the past 6 months, if it wasn't for them continuously listening to me for hours go on and on about the same problem; and advising me on truly doing what's best for me.

So to my BAEanca and Kellweezy, thank you for being a great spirit, friend and advisor in my life. I hope to return the same, if not more to you as I continue to navigate through this self-love journey. You two always show me what it truly means to know your self, know your worth and to accept nothing less in your life.

Here's to doing better and being better. I hope to cultivate peace, love and friendship with you both as we continue on this journey called life.



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