What started out as a small gathering of close friends, has evolved into the summer's most talked about Brooklyn BBQ!

Just a little background story on the history of #CoolKidsOnlyBBQ. It originated as #1561BBQ, as an apartment-wide cookout for the black professionals in my apartment building. We had a newly renovated backyard and wanted to put it to good use. When we threw the first cookout in 2013, let's just said we had enough room to dance, get lit and take a few flicks for the gram. Fast forward 3 years later, it has evolved into a BBQ/Lituation that you'll always look forward to each summer.

With event hosts, Emilee Christopher, Charles Kuykendol, Jerrell Horton and yours truly, we brought together the coolest movers and shakers in NYC to well let loose because #BlackLivesMatter.

On July 23rd, we hosted #CoolKidsOnly Part 2, on one of the hottest days of the summer. No seriously, it was 97 degrees!!!!

By the way, if you didn't get an invite then better luck next year. This is an INVITE ONLY event and we usually don't disclose the location until 48-72 hours before the event.

Ok, so below is just a visual recap of how we got down at #CoolKidsOnly Part 2. We definitely need a bigger venue for Part 3.

Sidenote: My phone RIP'd and I broke my finger as causalities to the BBQ, As you can gather, this is not an event for the meek and mild lol.

Hope this footage can hold you until Summer 2017!

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