11 Days, 3 Countries and 0 Phone

So you are probably wondering, "how the hell did you go out of the country for 11 days with no phone?"

Same question I kept asking myself.

There's something about not having a phone that makes you feel like you can no longer function in life. No seriously. How many of you could go on an international trip for a week and a half with no phone. Some of you would go crazy! Like, you can't take no pictures. Post on the gram. No nothing!

But, somewhere between the night of my cookout to my arrival in Australia, I got control of my emotions and decided that there was nothing I could do to change my current circumstance. I had to make a decision to let go of what was not in my control. There was literally nothing else I could do but let go and let God. I will tell you one thing, not having a phone for that period of time let me know that I can totally function and experience life in a more fulfilling way without a mobile device. I truly had no distractions and was able to take in every moment and experience that lie ahead of me.

I'm sure your thinking, "Ok, enough about the phone. How was the trip?"

Outside of four delays from Newark airport to LAX and missing my connecting flight to Australia by 4 minutes, due to United Airlines stupidity. I had one of the best experiences of my life! I got to feed a kangaroo in Australia, go white water rafting in Bali, and zip-lining in Singapore. I also got to eat the best banana bread from Mo's Cafe in Australia, have a Balinese feast that could feed more than 10 people, and club at the highest altitude bar in Singapore. (Photos are below.)

And when it was all said and done, what really made the experience memorable was the people who I met on the trip. I have a true admiration for the alumni bond and network of NC A&T Aggies. Each person on this trip either made me laugh, pushed me to try something new or provided a different perspective on how to just experience the world.

I'm so grateful for the trip and experience. Hope to do it all over again next year!

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Australia (2 Days)

Bali (3 Days)

Singapore (2 Days)

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