27 & Grateful

The year of 27.

With all that has happened in the past week, I decided to list 27 things I am grateful for. For gratitude puts all fear and evils in the world into perspective.

27 & Grateful

1. I am grateful for God

2. I am grateful to be a beacon of light and hope to young girls.

3. I am grateful to have positive people in my circle.

4. I am grateful to wake up and know that God has a purpose for me.

5. I am grateful to be a black woman, in a blessed career, with an amazing support system.

6. I am grateful for all the people God has removed from my life so that I could truly live in my destiny.

7. I grateful for opportunity.

8. I am grateful to be a woman. For when women ban together, we are more stronger than ever.

9. I am grateful for every relationship that ended or never started. For the person that God has for me is waiting for me. I am grateful for every roadblock, hardship and obstacle that God has put in my way. I would not understand how strong I am and what I can handle if it wasn't for those trials and tribulations.

10. I am grateful for each person that enters my life and teaches me one takeaway that will be instilled in me forever.

11. I am grateful for my parents raising me to be a daughter and woman they can be proud of.

12. I am grateful for the God almighty for sacrificing his life for you and I.

13. I am grateful for perspective and maturity. For through perspective and maturity, I have been able to grow and see things through a different lens.

14. I am grateful for genuine friendships.

15. I am grateful for laughter. For through the tears and pain, laughter has always put a smile on my face and cured any sickness.

16. I am grateful for the process. Self-care and Self-love is an ongoing process that does not happen overnight. It is a constant process of self-reflection and self-development of who one is, what one wants, and what one needs to be the best version of themselves.

17. I am grateful to see the world. I have traveled to 5 countries this year alone and experienced so much culture and love.

18. I am grateful to be apart of the change that America has experienced for the past 8 years with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

19. I am grateful for my mistakes. Through my mistakes, I have learned how to be better and do better.

20. I am grateful for all the naysayers who prey on my failure and squirm at my success. You've done nothing but propel me to exceed your and my expectation.

21. I am grateful for those who show up. It's one thing to say you support or respect me, but to show me you do; that is beyond humbling and appreciated.

22. I am grateful for finding myself. I am grateful for finding my voice.

23. I am grateful to have a sibling who loves me despite our differences.

24. I am grateful for positioning. God has positioned me to be where I am, when I need to be, and with whom I need to be.

25. I am grateful for my good health

26. I am grateful for finding my voice.

27. I am grateful to see another birthday year. Over the past few years so many people have been killed and unable to return home to their loved ones.


Despite what happens in my life, I will fight fear with love and education.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to see another year and to continue to serve my purpose on this earth.

Forever grateful and humble.



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