A. Boozy's "Brunch & Vision" Social

​On January 14th, I attended Amanda Booz, On Air-Talent at BET, Brunch & Vision Board Party in Secacus, NJ.

When I arrived, I could smell the down south cooking. There was a very cute set-up of gift bags, stationary to-do booklets, mimosas, healthy breakfast options and a photo booth area for pics and flicks.

After breakfast was prepared, we all conversed amongst new and old friends over a couple of mimosas or two. I'm on a non-alcoholic diet, so I sipped my OJ like it was bubbly champagne lol.

To kick-off the vision board party, we started in a circle and said one goal we wished to accomplish this year. It was inspiring to hear so many women's dreams and aspirations being spoken out loud. By speaking it out loud, we were claiming what was destined to be ours.

After everyone was done going around the room, we closed with a deep prayer. You could feel the energy had shifted in the room, and there was nothing but positive vibes floating around the room. This prayer jump started us into vision boarding.

With scissors, markers, white boards, glue and a bunch of magazines; we were ready to put our visions for 2017 together.

Throughout vision boarding, we had some real girl chat. From love, career to just life, having a moment to identify with other women who share similar stories or journeys as me, was fruitful. I got so much more than a delicious meal out of this brunch/vision board party. I was nourished with hope, insight and perspective.

I want to thank Boozy Productions aka Ms. Amanda Booz for inviting me to participate in her first goal of the year. You put on a fabulous event. I'm looking forward to attending many more throughout the year!

To all the ladies that I met or already knew, I wish you nothing but success in accomplishing your goals for 2017.

I look forward to seeing:

  1. The Ashle Monae Brand and the fit new you!

  2. A new jewelry line and candle collection from Ms. Kirstin Meyers. Oh and my wedding invite once you meet your husband. :-)

  3. The lifestyles brand ambassadors/go getters, Erin and Erica to reach new heights with the Ereplika brand.

  4. AmandaBooz.com launching in 2017 and many events to come!

  5. Keysha to publish your first book. I must get a signed copy!

  6. Raquel to pursue your film dreams. Looking forward to seeing your first project.

  7. Monique to pursue your passion and become a full-time Events Manager.

  8. Lauren for more doors to open and dance opportunities to come your way. Dance is life!

  9. And for me, to consistently blog and start living the life I've imagined.

  10. FOR EVERYONE TO STACK $10K. Ladies, thanks for the Digit resource. I've saved $100 there already and $1K in my other savings account.



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